Tailor-made services fixed fee

VRF Advocaten, unconditional excellence in flex work.

Tailor-made services fixed fee

We are the perfect partner for tailor-made legal services for a fixed fee.

General legal services:

  • Conducting cases
  • Resolving legal issues

Specialised legal services:

  • Drafting an employment contract and staff manual
  • Scanning an employment contract and staff manual
  • Performing an ET scan (Extra Territorial Cost Scan)
  • Drafting a non-compete clause, non-solicitation clause, recruitment clause, penalty clause and confidentiality clause
  • Drafting a settlement agreement
  • Drafting general terms and conditions, such as general purchase conditions, and order confirmation
  • Drafting a temporary employment agreement, contract for services, contract for self-employed workers without employees, temporary assignment contract, payroll contract
  • Checking contracts (legal review)
  • Conducting a pre-audit SNCU / StiPP audit
  • Hosting workshops, lectures, seminars and master classes
  • Performing a Privacy check, which includes implementing and drafting a privacy policy and other documents
  • Performing a Privacy audit
  • Acting as Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The fees for our tailor-made services will be determined in consultation.


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