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 VRF Advocaten. Unconditional excellence in flexwork.

Our story

Clients sometimes call us unconventional. We take that as a compliment. It means that we can and dare to be ourselves. It means that we live up to what we stand for.

In the rapidly changing world of law, pausing for a moment is often a smart move. Just take the time to oversee the playing field, map out the factors and identify the processes under the hood. Gaining insight comes first; then find the solution. This approach ensures we lead in flexwork.

Your language

We simplify the laws and regulations concerning the hiring of temporary labour, making them applicable within your company. As flex specialists, we serve as your sounding board. Skilled, savvy and characterised by our individuality.

And you are...?

Let’s meet and see if we match. We want to hear your ideas or questions regarding the legal side of flexwork.

I’d like to know about your approach


Go our own way


Onze eigen Academy regelt op maat gemaakte workshops, lezingen, seminars en masterclasses. Door te investeren in kennis investeer je in je onderneming, je medewerkers en jezelf.

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