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Maud van de Pauvort


EXPERTISE: all non-legal matters, from lunch to marketing communication”.

“Our unconventional take on the playing field.”

“You immediately know we are client-oriented. Everything depends on a great relationship, preferably aimed at the long term. I feel I play a pivotal role here. My main goal is to ensure that our specialists can focus entirely on the client’s case.

“We are a boutique firm. Everything must be right, it must fit, must match.“

As a boutique law firm, we can offer clients true expertise, providing better – not more expensive – services. Such a specialism requires attention down to the last detail. I feel entirely at home there. I oversee many things, look and listen carefully, and am quick to respond to developments.

I’m especially proud of two things. First of all, we’re a small firm that has made great achievements by being very passionate. We have only been in existence since 2015 and are already a leading firm when it comes to flexible employment. Secondly, there is the team itself. We have a lot in common, but each and every one of us is unique and we complement each other. Always with a sense of flair that is so characteristic of the North Brabant province. Office lunches are often a hoot.

Where will VRF Advocaten be in five years’ time? It will be the leading law firm in flex market advice and will set the standard. It is in the nature of the partners to expose things. To call each other and our environment to account. In this way, VRF Advocaten has developed its own take on the playing field.”