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Inge Brattinga


EXPERTISE: privacy (CIPP/E and CIPM certified), strategic legal advice and contracts.

Strategic advisor with extensive legal knowledge.

Inge is the 'linking pin' between entrepreneurship and law. Thanks to years of experience as an in-house lawyer for a corporate group, she has a great deal of business savvy. She is able to assess risks and contribute ideas to contacts in a wide variety of corporate positions. 

“You can only speak the business language if you know the organisation inside and out.”

Inge is at her best when she works together with clients to devise solutions. Weighing up the pros and cons where strategy and legal implications intersect. Always with a practical twist. You must always be able to put the advice given into practice. For example, how to structure your organisation so it complies with all regulations and the GDPR. As privacy specialist, in particular, Inge is entirely up-to-date.

“If you require discerning legal advice, contact VRF Advocaten. We can help you, not only on matters concerning flex work but also with the strategic/legal underpinning of policy decisions.”

‘Sharing’ is second nature to her. Inge shares her knowledge with clients and their employees. She gives privacy and employment law courses, organises meetings and gives presentations, in turn building lasting relationships with clients, who naturally ask her for advice.  en arbeidsrechtelijke trainingen, organiseert bijeenkomsten en geeft presentaties. Zo bouwt ze aan de duurzame relatie met cliënten, die haar vanzelfsprekend om advies vragen.